Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good day?

Today i was woken up by my phone, turned out i overslept and Ming Xuan, Willis and his bro was already downstairs my house with their bikes waiting for me. So i had to chong and after i got down, we started to cycle to Tiong.
I led the way around the blocks at tiong and guess what, i managed to make my rear tyre go flat again. This is my third time.
So the rest of the time went to kopi tiam and drink and chat, then we went to the bicycle shop and fixed my bike then went home.
After that we met up at 12.30 to go to Wild Wild Wet. Ming Xuan had Free tickets to go there so we all decided to go. Willis, his bro, Ming Xuan, Eric, Ming Xuan cousin, Ming Xuan Aunt and i went there by car and we had a very fun time there. After that we went home.
So now i am at home, its 11.32 and i am going to do my Kumon Tution Homework.So thats all.

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