Thursday, December 10, 2009

Escape Theme Park

Well as you know Hoildays are boring so Edwin, Eric, Weng Ang and i decided to go to Escape Theme Park. We Took the MRT all the way till Pasir Ris then we got off and when we final reached there it was like 1.45. The first ride we took was the Roller Coaster and seriously it was VERY VERY VERY small so small infact that if i had a bunglow i could build 1 at the backyard. But although small it was quite fun, so after riding that, we went to sit the Viking and incase you do not know what is that, it is basicly a ship that sways left and right. That was darm fun. We were like sitting at 90 degrees when it reaches its maximum height. After that We went to play the log Ride thingy. The freakin ride go and bring you up to 5 storys then lauch you into a pool of water so we got pretty wet.
Then we went to play the go-cart and that was pretty fun, but required quite a long time to wait to actually race the go-cart.
The last ride we took was the water boat with a spray gun on the front. The ride was extremely fun. Edwin's boat the spray gun was not working so we all used our spray guns to spray at him then at the end he was drench wet. So we still had time and we repeated some of the rides.By the time we got home, our legs were all pain, but overall we had a fantastic time=D

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  1. Great that the Escape Theme Park at Downtown East will be redeveloped. The current rides are quite boring already. Read more about it here.