Monday, May 18, 2009

My cat

I have this cat called Lucky. She is very very very cute. Everyday she erm sleep then she act cute then she eat then erm sleep again. such a nice life. She is sometimes abit crazy she looks out of the window and it looks like she is comiting suscide. but never mind i head cats can survive when falling out of the window of the 72 story but i dunno if that is true.
Abit crazy ar.

fan screw?

ok i have this fan in my room and if i on it for too long it will overheat and u can actually smell the motor being burnt.... so i will have to off it. I wonder what will happen if the fans drop from the celling onto you. hmmmmm it will erm hurt badly. but it will be so cool.

tough work

ok on sat we had BB and as we were p6 then the sir asked us to move 18 tables and 10 benches all the way to the hall to test the layout of something so we did it and after that all our hands and arms were like dropping off the table like 10000000kg. worst still about 15 min they ask us to keep it! so we had to carry all of it back down, but at least the sir got help. tough work but i think ns 10 times more worst so getting prepared.


ok it has been a long time since i did a post well that is because i had to prepare for exams but now already over =D so now as free as a bird
now end of exam sso bored read magazine and playing the com everyday. speaking of magazine i realised i spend a heck lot of money on it is is like 10 dollar for each 1 and i have to buy 4 of it a month so 1 year i spend erm almost 500 hundred dollar! can die 1..At least i think my compo got improved i think.