Monday, October 12, 2009


Ok when F1 came to Singapore, i did not manage to get tickets=C
But on the second of the f1, my father managed to get my sis and i, 2 tickets at the bay grandstand!
So, after a half an hour walk, we reached the entrance. we went in and the sound of the f1 cars are crazy. It virbrated my eardrums. So we immediately put on our ear plugs. Soon we got bored of sitting down, so we walked around and luckily our uncle told us that we could see the f1 from the top of the esplanane. And he was right the view was ten times better than the sitting.
So we stood there watching the f1 cars zoomed by. They were bloody fast and it was impossible to take a nice picture of the cars. all the picture blurblur 1. Then my sister got tired of watching and kept bugging me to go home. So i have no choice but to go home. So anyway that is my f1 experience and it was a memerable 1.=D

Biggest change

Ok the first thing i want to tell u all is i have a new bike!!!!!

I am so proud of this bike because it is a massive improvement from my old one. Must really thank my parents.

Summer is back!

Yeah PSLE is over!!!! I am so happy. Everysince i stopped blogging many things have happen. i will post them slowly when i have the time. =D