Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ping Pong

So now is the holiday. Like real we all still have to go back to school. Darm....O well it is for our PSLE. Anyway i managed to find some free time so i went to play with my friend Ming Xuan. I dont have his picture now so i will publish it some other time. Anyway so we played for like 5 minutes before some adult came and asked if they could play. Soon there were 6 of them..... We had to just stay there and watched them play, so we got bored and decided to go cycling. When we played we did not have any net so we went and found a wooden board and used it as a net.

Mrt Board

Ok for all those people who takes mrt often, i guess you have already spotted the new digital board thingy in the mrt train. They will tell you which door will open in the next station. I dont get it why in the world will they want to show which door will open, because chances are the door you go in is the door you go out unless it is the interchange. If you face the wrong door it is not like the door is 1 km away and you have to walk there. You just turn around and go out the other door so basicly they have wasted thousands of dollar for well nothing.
Ps: Sorry for the blur picture.