Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 more days

Its going to be 3 more days till i am going to get my brand new Macbook. So excited. Cant believe time passes so fast. It is also 1 week more till i leave for the us. I am going miss all of my friends in Zhangde. We will all meet for the last time on 22th. Listening to Vegas Skys by the cab.


WEll today was a free day for me so went willis house.i brought steering wheel too to play on his ps2. We played many games like grand turmiso, dunno what fighting game, Live for speed and crazy taxi. i tell you ar that crazy taxi really drove us mad. There was like this stage that was inpossible to pass. So tomorrow i will probadly go there again to beat that freakin stage. Thats all for now, listening to Heartbeat by 2pm, signing off

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good day?

Today i was woken up by my phone, turned out i overslept and Ming Xuan, Willis and his bro was already downstairs my house with their bikes waiting for me. So i had to chong and after i got down, we started to cycle to Tiong.
I led the way around the blocks at tiong and guess what, i managed to make my rear tyre go flat again. This is my third time.
So the rest of the time went to kopi tiam and drink and chat, then we went to the bicycle shop and fixed my bike then went home.
After that we met up at 12.30 to go to Wild Wild Wet. Ming Xuan had Free tickets to go there so we all decided to go. Willis, his bro, Ming Xuan, Eric, Ming Xuan cousin, Ming Xuan Aunt and i went there by car and we had a very fun time there. After that we went home.
So now i am at home, its 11.32 and i am going to do my Kumon Tution Homework.So thats all.

Escape Theme Park

Well as you know Hoildays are boring so Edwin, Eric, Weng Ang and i decided to go to Escape Theme Park. We Took the MRT all the way till Pasir Ris then we got off and when we final reached there it was like 1.45. The first ride we took was the Roller Coaster and seriously it was VERY VERY VERY small so small infact that if i had a bunglow i could build 1 at the backyard. But although small it was quite fun, so after riding that, we went to sit the Viking and incase you do not know what is that, it is basicly a ship that sways left and right. That was darm fun. We were like sitting at 90 degrees when it reaches its maximum height. After that We went to play the log Ride thingy. The freakin ride go and bring you up to 5 storys then lauch you into a pool of water so we got pretty wet.
Then we went to play the go-cart and that was pretty fun, but required quite a long time to wait to actually race the go-cart.
The last ride we took was the water boat with a spray gun on the front. The ride was extremely fun. Edwin's boat the spray gun was not working so we all used our spray guns to spray at him then at the end he was drench wet. So we still had time and we repeated some of the rides.By the time we got home, our legs were all pain, but overall we had a fantastic time=D

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Diao so on thursday was bored so went to play soccer with eric, edwin , kenny, oon oon and jeremy.
So when i reached there they were all eating, so i had to sit therre and wait. Then when we wanted to play, we went to play street soccer. After playing for a while i realised how rubbish was my soccer skills.... Anway while we were playing it rained. So we just continued.
When we about to go back edwin asked me to go to my house as he wanted to use my hairdrier or whatever you spell it. Then after he dried himself, he wanted to play my com and after a while he managed to diable my keyboard and mouse. -_-.
But luckily i managed to fixed it by midnight.
Listening to just ten days by Jung Jae Young and signing off.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Haizz... The hoilday passes so fast and even though i finished PSLE i still have tution, therefore i am still as busy as ever. Anyway just have to say i am really sad that i am leaving all my friends, this year had been a wonderful year and hope we all keep in touch. Listening to Love Rain by Kim Tae Woo Now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well we already graduated. Feel so sad as i will not be able to see you guys that often. Well graduation we perform the again and again. And frankly it was not that scary. i guess after a while you get used to it. The graduation was not that sad and i think is all the graduation songs fault. So overall i guess it was not that bad. Next time we all meeting again is on 26 to collect our result. Hopefully we all can get good results. Enough for now going to sleep

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today in school we did the same, but we had to audition to see if we could perform. And we were all very anxious to perform infront of the teacher. Luckily it turned out to be not as bad as i thought. fehw..
After that went cycling with mx and willis. WE cycled until bunno vista. And it was quite nice to go back to cycling with my friends after so many days of practicing. Now listening to gao su wo and it is such a nice and sad song. Going to sleep now..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today in school we watched i am not stupid 2. Quite funny and sad. Then after school i went with edwin and eric to challenger to get a new speaker. After that at 2.30 we go to edwin house the basketball there to practice. After finishing practicing it started to rain then cannot go home. But after the rain stopped the whole place was filled with water then i used my bike to cycle through the water. Now i am drench wet and i had to spend 30 min cleaning my bike. But a rainy day dun come everyday so it was worth it

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hi sorry long time no blog. Just dunno what to post. REcently we in school nothing to do lor. Just sit there listen music. Now edwin, kinnard, eric, weng ang and me are auditioning for the year end performance. So far we are rubbish so all thouse going year end please dun bring things to throw at us. Then the speaker we brought broke. =C Jialat.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Ok when F1 came to Singapore, i did not manage to get tickets=C
But on the second of the f1, my father managed to get my sis and i, 2 tickets at the bay grandstand!
So, after a half an hour walk, we reached the entrance. we went in and the sound of the f1 cars are crazy. It virbrated my eardrums. So we immediately put on our ear plugs. Soon we got bored of sitting down, so we walked around and luckily our uncle told us that we could see the f1 from the top of the esplanane. And he was right the view was ten times better than the sitting.
So we stood there watching the f1 cars zoomed by. They were bloody fast and it was impossible to take a nice picture of the cars. all the picture blurblur 1. Then my sister got tired of watching and kept bugging me to go home. So i have no choice but to go home. So anyway that is my f1 experience and it was a memerable 1.=D

Biggest change

Ok the first thing i want to tell u all is i have a new bike!!!!!

I am so proud of this bike because it is a massive improvement from my old one. Must really thank my parents.

Summer is back!

Yeah PSLE is over!!!! I am so happy. Everysince i stopped blogging many things have happen. i will post them slowly when i have the time. =D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Study siao

ok i know i have not been blogging much actually nothing and for the next 2-3 months i will also not blog, because i got to study for psle=l. i even put the computer in my sis room and locking the cable so i dun play. So good luck for everyone having psle.=D

Sunday, August 2, 2009


So we were suppose to cycle from Tiong, but it is very boring, so we decided to spice things up. We decided to on this>> and cycle back home and it was so funny. Everytime we passed through a bustop, everyone will look at us and we cant stop laughing.=DDDDDDD

Sorry for the picture thing thing

Crazy me?(part 2)

Today is Sunday and it is very quiet, Perfect for cycling!

I had to go to Tiong to buy some books, so mx and me cycled there. Sadly i did not find the book i was finding=C Then we went to tiong barhu park. So after playing in the sand with our bikes, we headed to dunno where and drank some drinks, after that we cycled back all the way to my home void deck. There, we were bored so we decided to try something.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Still not good?


Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok, as far as i know i am like 80 % confirm i can go to Dunman high!=D So happy, but got to take a test then pass is 100%.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Plain Blog?

Look i know you all think my blog sucks, because got no back gound thingy thingy, but got reason and it is not i am a dumbass, but first if i put song, not everybody will like then it is like toutering them to come here and second i don't want to put the background as first i want to keep my blog simple, it stands out=D

My room!

My computer desk.

Ok since i never blog so much and since i dunno what to blog i decidede to blog about my room.
History: Erm i just started sleeping here this year after it got renovated(Maybe wrong)
What i like about it: It got a comforable bed, which is the reason i sleep here instead of my parent's room.
This room was in a way a present from my parents, so its very nice.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lazy me

I know i have not updated my blog for like ten years so really sorry but dun blame me, because i am freakin busy and i am lazy to do so, so cannot do. =C

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy me?

Ok. Basically i am a person who gets bored very easily so i invent new and stupid ways to keep myself occupied.Well lately i been doing it with my bike and i ususally ride with ming Xuan so he will flim me which i do the crazy things.

I finally got the courage to go down i think i crazy liao i go down stairs with 12 steps then recently i went down 25 steps!!!here are the photos of the stairs cases

Did you hear the voice it is ming xuan darm funny i cant stop laughing=D

Formula Drift part 2

On the second day, i also went and i was sun burnt yesterday so badly that i decded to bring sun tan loction so i will not become a roasted pig. When we reach there it was cloudy and windy and it lasted like that the whole day...

today was the real competition and well unfortunly, singapore did not win, but on the bright side, i got a autograph by the driver whose sur name is Johan and speaking of which also got second in the competition.The competition was also accompy by more crashes as it
was raining, which made it more interesting=DDD
Ps:i know got wrong spelling but dunno how to spell..

Formula Drift

Ok been like eternety(sorry if wrong) since i posted another blog thingy thing. Well lately got to study so what to do. Anyway 4 and 5th i went to Formula Drift which is like a drifting event. And the place ar is in like another part of the world. I take mrt to tana merah then i want to take taxi they all dunno.-.- So i had to called my mother to give location of the place which is Changi Excerbition.

Anyway all that hardwork paid off over there is so cool and i took alot of photos.=D
There was this driver who sere name was johan, but too bad it was not mrs johan....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ping Pong

So now is the holiday. Like real we all still have to go back to school. Darm....O well it is for our PSLE. Anyway i managed to find some free time so i went to play with my friend Ming Xuan. I dont have his picture now so i will publish it some other time. Anyway so we played for like 5 minutes before some adult came and asked if they could play. Soon there were 6 of them..... We had to just stay there and watched them play, so we got bored and decided to go cycling. When we played we did not have any net so we went and found a wooden board and used it as a net.

Mrt Board

Ok for all those people who takes mrt often, i guess you have already spotted the new digital board thingy in the mrt train. They will tell you which door will open in the next station. I dont get it why in the world will they want to show which door will open, because chances are the door you go in is the door you go out unless it is the interchange. If you face the wrong door it is not like the door is 1 km away and you have to walk there. You just turn around and go out the other door so basicly they have wasted thousands of dollar for well nothing.
Ps: Sorry for the blur picture.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My cat

I have this cat called Lucky. She is very very very cute. Everyday she erm sleep then she act cute then she eat then erm sleep again. such a nice life. She is sometimes abit crazy she looks out of the window and it looks like she is comiting suscide. but never mind i head cats can survive when falling out of the window of the 72 story but i dunno if that is true.
Abit crazy ar.

fan screw?

ok i have this fan in my room and if i on it for too long it will overheat and u can actually smell the motor being burnt.... so i will have to off it. I wonder what will happen if the fans drop from the celling onto you. hmmmmm it will erm hurt badly. but it will be so cool.

tough work

ok on sat we had BB and as we were p6 then the sir asked us to move 18 tables and 10 benches all the way to the hall to test the layout of something so we did it and after that all our hands and arms were like dropping off the table like 10000000kg. worst still about 15 min they ask us to keep it! so we had to carry all of it back down, but at least the sir got help. tough work but i think ns 10 times more worst so getting prepared.


ok it has been a long time since i did a post well that is because i had to prepare for exams but now already over =D so now as free as a bird
now end of exam sso bored read magazine and playing the com everyday. speaking of magazine i realised i spend a heck lot of money on it is is like 10 dollar for each 1 and i have to buy 4 of it a month so 1 year i spend erm almost 500 hundred dollar! can die 1..At least i think my compo got improved i think.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

first blog?

Well erm, so this is my first blog. I do not know what i should say hmm i think that there are alot of insects in my room and they keep bugging me. Its giving me the goosebumps and the worst well since my computer is a touchscreen, when they fly onto my screen they go and mess up everything. I guess i can do nothing just hope i can get those electrial tennis rackets then i will kill them 1 by 1. O well.....