Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok, as far as i know i am like 80 % confirm i can go to Dunman high!=D So happy, but got to take a test then pass is 100%.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Plain Blog?

Look i know you all think my blog sucks, because got no back gound thingy thingy, but got reason and it is not i am a dumbass, but first if i put song, not everybody will like then it is like toutering them to come here and second i don't want to put the background as first i want to keep my blog simple, it stands out=D

My room!

My computer desk.

Ok since i never blog so much and since i dunno what to blog i decidede to blog about my room.
History: Erm i just started sleeping here this year after it got renovated(Maybe wrong)
What i like about it: It got a comforable bed, which is the reason i sleep here instead of my parent's room.
This room was in a way a present from my parents, so its very nice.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lazy me

I know i have not updated my blog for like ten years so really sorry but dun blame me, because i am freakin busy and i am lazy to do so, so cannot do. =C

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy me?

Ok. Basically i am a person who gets bored very easily so i invent new and stupid ways to keep myself occupied.Well lately i been doing it with my bike and i ususally ride with ming Xuan so he will flim me which i do the crazy things.

I finally got the courage to go down i think i crazy liao i go down stairs with 12 steps then recently i went down 25 steps!!!here are the photos of the stairs cases

Did you hear the voice it is ming xuan darm funny i cant stop laughing=D

Formula Drift part 2

On the second day, i also went and i was sun burnt yesterday so badly that i decded to bring sun tan loction so i will not become a roasted pig. When we reach there it was cloudy and windy and it lasted like that the whole day...

today was the real competition and well unfortunly, singapore did not win, but on the bright side, i got a autograph by the driver whose sur name is Johan and speaking of which also got second in the competition.The competition was also accompy by more crashes as it
was raining, which made it more interesting=DDD
Ps:i know got wrong spelling but dunno how to spell..

Formula Drift

Ok been like eternety(sorry if wrong) since i posted another blog thingy thing. Well lately got to study so what to do. Anyway 4 and 5th i went to Formula Drift which is like a drifting event. And the place ar is in like another part of the world. I take mrt to tana merah then i want to take taxi they all dunno.-.- So i had to called my mother to give location of the place which is Changi Excerbition.

Anyway all that hardwork paid off over there is so cool and i took alot of photos.=D
There was this driver who sere name was johan, but too bad it was not mrs johan....