Saturday, March 6, 2010

OCBC cycle

My bike
12000 plus people
more people
Omg just came back from Ocbc Cycle. Today i had to wake up at like 5.20 to prepare to go to the cycling event. I went with Ming Xuan. we were in the category 20km. so the event started at around 7.40. We cycled from the f1 pit lane all the way to kallang then back to raffles then to the pit lane. During the so call race, there was this guy whose bib number was 8017. He was like challenging us. Then we also decided to challenge him. Half way through the 20 km , ming xuan go and cycle to the 40 km route, so that left me to challenge him. In the end i won!=D Maybe it is also down to my bib number. Which is 7777. So overall it was freakin fun overtaking so many people.

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